Benchmark adapts Decawave ultra-wideband (UWB) to create unique wireless solutions for you and your customers. We can combine features such as position localization, precision timing, and multi-media data transmission over a single wireless link, with the versatility to fit any network topology. Our wireless technologies expertise includes GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Long-Range WAN (LoRa), and cellular connectivity, letting us develop multi-radio solutions with UWB. Benchmark designs robust, innovative wireless systems you can count on from miniaturization to medical technologies, asset tracking to defense, avionics to surveillance solutions.


Benchmark can integrate Decawave technology into products using our liquid crystal polymer (LCP) flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) technology and other advanced materials for the most size-sensitive applications. Let us help you make your products lighter, more efficient, less costly, and more reliable with our miniaturization capabilities.


Harness the power of wireless solutions to track patient health status, and location during medical treatment, medical equipment, physiological status, recovery monitoring, and more. Our biometric medical patch reference designs work in concert with a modified chipset and sensors to provide HIPPA-compliant wire-free patient monitoring.


Our IoT platform technology building blocks combine real-time location services with situational awareness sensing for remote monitoring of personnel and equipment's location, condition, and environment. This location-aware wireless sensing technology is suited for high-value asset management for industrial, healthcare, energy, and other markets.  Our solutions are ideal for cloud-enabled capital asset monitoring, staff workflow, worker safety, and high-value inventory applications.


Benchmark works directly with the U.S. and international military organizations on body-worn wireless sensors, body-worn hubs, mesh networking, GPS denied location/directions, and more using software enhanced Decawave technology. This technology is also suited for first responders, harsh environments, and other mission-critical activities.


Our engineers apply enhanced Decawave technology to drone and unmanned aerial systems, including precision landing for package delivery and pick-up, formation flying for perimeter security, and swarming airborne sensor applications. We are working with our customers to develop precision networks with fixed and mobile sensors for a complete surveillance solution.


From managing sensor devices, lighting, and camera activity and tracking human and physical assets, our surveillance experts use Decawave technology to create custom security solutions. Applications include border and perimeter security for government, concerts, sporting events, secure buildings, port (air and sea) security, and beyond.

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