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Our mission is to be the Solutions Provider of choice for High Technology OEM Customers, anticipating their needs and rapidly delivering comprehensive value-creation solutions during the entire Product Life Cycle
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"Border Patrol Agents have extremely complicated jobs, very dangerous, so hopefully we're helping them be much more effective." Watch CEO Paul Tufano talk about Benchmark's Integrated Surveillance Solution on Fox 10 Phoenix.

In a recent webinar, Benchmark VP of IoT Dave Higgins and IoT Inc author and commentator Bruce Sinclair discussed using a customized edge solution to get the best possible data and maximize return on IoT investment. Dave talked about several unique use cases and described how Benchmark worked...

"Border agents say illegally crossing the border successfully has just gotten much harder."Fox 5 News and ABC 10 News in San Diego covered the deployment of Benchmark’s Integrated Surveillance Solution to the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego on Wednesday. The stories highlight the value of the...

The investment resides in high performance equipment, educational modules and furniture. In the laboratory are reproduced work points similar to those in production. The American Company Benchmark Electronics is among the top 10 integrated services providers for the clients of the electronics ...

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