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Collecting Quality Data: How to Maximize IoT Value with Custom Edge Solutions

by Benchmark / December 26, 2018

In a recent webinar, Benchmark VP of IoT Dave Higgins and IoT Inc author and commentator Bruce Sinclair discussed using a customized edge solution to get the best possible data and maximize return on IoT investment. Dave talked about several unique use cases and described how Benchmark worked with these customers to create optimal edge solutions for their needs.

WEBINAR - Collecting Quality Data from Benchmark on Vimeo.

Companies face a staggering variety of options for sourcing the data collection portion of their IoT system, ranging from buying off-the-shelf nodes to building everything from scratch in-house.  The complexities of both of these extremes can lead to compromises that reduce the usefulness of collected data and the value of an IoT investment overall. Enlisting edge hardware and software experts to develop a custom solution lays the foundation for a valuable IoT system, whether it be an industrial sensor network, asset management system for tracking location and condition, or IoT-enabled product. Benchmark underpins custom designs with robust technology platforms, resulting in reduced development time for sensor networks and IoT products, delivering the right data without the wait. 

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