Internet of Things (IoT) Design Center of Innovation

Internet of Things (IoT) Design Center of Innovation

Through our IoT Design Center of Innovation, Benchmark has developed customizable IoT platforms that enable us to create innovative solutions you can provide to your customers.

Our Focus:

  • Secure, scalable sensor networks for data collection and analysis
  • Precision asset management platforms
  • Ultra-accurate real time location sensing and monitoring platform ideal for identifying the location, condition and environment of personnel or equipment
  • Surveillance solutions integrated with public infrastructure and smart cities
Supporting Our Customers Through IoT Solutions

Supporting Our Customers Through IoT Solutions

Benchmark’s goal is to understand your unique business environment and requirements, then to provide tailored IoT solutions designed to meet those needs. Our flexibility and proactive approach is a major factor in achieving rapid prototypes, successful production and high customer satisfaction.

  • Experienced systems architects and engineers support our customers from an initial concept idea to a fully qualified product
  • Our experts develop customer-specific solutions that are easier to implement, faster and more reliable
  • Our multi-disciplinary engineering team is tightly coupled with world-class manufacturing to transition your designs to prepare them for production
IoT Design Center of Innovation

IoT Design Center of Innovation


  • IoT-enabled edge devices and ruggedized gateways
  • Customizable application specific sensor arrays
  • Integrated precision location tracking capability to ~10 cm accuracy
  • Low-power designs optimized for remote battery operation
  • Secure sensor mesh networks for wide area coverage at scale

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