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Product Development

Benchmark delivers best-in-class award-winning Product Development design services across key industries. Our three global Development Engineering Centers use a phased approach to generate concepts, specifications, detailed designs and prototypes to develop a fully realized product, ready for manufacture. By utilizing our phased development approach, we are able to provide reduced time-to-market and time-to-revenue, and can quickly adapt to the ever changing market demands.

By using our available Reference Designs (see two at right), customers can reduce their time-to-profit even more contact a representative for more information. Whether you choose a completely custom approach, or take advantage of an existing Reference Design platform, our award-winning Industrial Design and User-Interaction teams create user-centered product solutions for maximum acceptability by the target market end-users – your customers.

Product Examples

Award-winning Braille phone PDA​ Award-winning infant screener ​Stereo hearing
aid remote
Award-winning ScopeMeter
​Thrombectomy removal system ​Password
​Clinical cardiac diagnostics ​Fuel cell

Reference Designs

Benchmark Tablet

ATOM Vehicle Mounted Computer
ATOM Data Sheet.pdf ATOM Data Sheet

Global Design Engineering Centers Benchmark provides global product design services through its three regional design centers.
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