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Highly Accelerated Life Test

​Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is a tool to improve a product so that failures due to workmanship, marginal design, or faulty components are minimized. The application of rapid rate thermal stress and vibration to a product during the prototype phase of development can expose marginal design problems as well as assembly process problems. Data gathered through stress application provides input to improve and ruggedize the design of a product. Designers find the return on investment of performing product ruggedization to be substantially beneficial over the life of a product.

Benchmark Electronics has the required specialized tools in-house to perform HALT studies. A rapid rate thermal chamber with 6 axis random vibration table is used to implement HALT on prototypes.

Planning a HALT requires
•  Consideration of product stimulus
•  Response monitoring equipment
•  Available products
•  Fixturing 

Benchmark designs and
builds custom product
test equipment for
various industries.
ESS / HASS   Environmental and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening tests are performed during the manufacturing phase of a product's life cycle.
Be                 well-tested